About company

"Zunami " Ltd was founded in 2001.

The main specialization - a full cycle of processing wood.

Employs 250 people.

Capacity - 2,000,000 m2 per year.


Derechynskyy Ruslan - 50% ownership

Vdovenko Vladimir - 50% ownership

CEO - Kornelyuk Nataliya

Sales - Derechynska Nataliya

Sales of pellet -  Vavrysevych Victoria

Spare-parts - Romanov Alexey 

International Logistics - Laska Roman

Inner Logistic, certification - Kuchmuk Victoria

At the heart of the company lies idea of individual approach to the client, cautious attitude to the material, the use of advanced technology.

All of these items help to keep the leading position not only in Ukrainian, but also in the European market.

Today, the company ZUNAMI is widely known among European manufacturers of wooden flooring. Our products - mean high unquestionable quality, adherence to the highest standards using advanced technology.

Our goal - quality product and the stability of the customer, who can always count on fruitful cooperation.

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