Politics LLC "Zunami"

in the purchase of non-certified wood FSC system

Guide LLC "Zunami", represented by General Director and responsible for FSC certification within the supply chain certification and controlled wood FSC system, striving for responsible forest processing assumes the following responsibilities:

1.When purchasing wood raw material procurement to avoid the following categories:

1.1 illegally harvested timber;

1.2 wood that harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;

1.3 wood that harvested in forests where high conservation values are exposed to danger in the forest;

1.4 wood that harvested in areas that are converted to plantations or non-forest land;

1.5 wood from forests which are genetically modyfikovuvanyh trees;

2. Since the adoption of this policy is not buy wood which has dubious origin, as well as cash.

3. As part of this policy guidance LLC "Zunami" is responsible for bringing it to all employees of the Company are included in the process of supplying raw materials.

4. Responsibility for implementing the requirements of this Policy shall CEO - responsible for FSC certification.

General Director of LLC "Zunami" Kornelyuk N.

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